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In 1928...

In 1928 John W. McIntyre established a company to manufacture heating and cooling equipment using innovations that he had been developing and perfecting for years. His commitment to quality and American craftsmanship was central to how he grew his business and it is that commitment that is still central to McIntyre today.


1906 - John William McIntyre, an Air Conditioning pioneer and renowned inventor, who had surpassed his contemporaries Willis Carrier and James Trane in the northeast, came to San Francisco to help with the post-earthquake rebuilding effort and implement his innovations in a newly built city. 

1910s and 1920s - John William McIntyre’s unique chillers, boilers, and heat exchangers were used to regulate temperatures in industrial applications as well as early comfort applications including theaters and the San Francisco Emporium store.

1928 - John William McIntyre registers his sole proprietorship as a corporation with the State of California and expands his manufacturing capacity while maintaining the the highest durability and performance standards.

1930s and 1940s - The U.S. Military enlists John William McIntyre’s innovations and designs as the basis for heat exchanger standards in their Navy vessels.

1960s - McIntyre expands its product lines to serve the needs of their customers and produces air handlers and package units nationwide.

1980s - McIntyre’s commercial air conditioning business expands significantly  and overtakes the maritime division. Critical facilities in the growing Silicon Valley including early data centers, pharmaceutical development, and semiconductor production begin to rely on McIntyre to provide ultra-durable equipment suited to their applications. 

2006 - John-Paul Farsight, the fourth generation of McIntyre leadership developed and began implementing his initiative to expand the company’s operations and serve customers worldwide.

John W. McIntyre