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In 1928...

In 1928 John W. McIntyre started a company to manufacture fin and tube heat exchangers using a unique process he had been developing and perfecting for years. Later that year he began production in South San Francisco, CA. His commitment to quality and American craftsmanship was central to how he grew his business and it is that commitment that is still central to McIntyre Industries.


The unique fin and tube heat exchangers designed and developed by John W. McIntyre were used in a variety of industries throughout the 1930s. During WWII, however, the McIntyre family, business, and employees were all focused on the war effort. As many of the  McIntyre employees began fighting in the war John W. McIntyre led the way in hiring and training women to manufacture for the war effort. Rosie the Riveters became the backbone of the McIntyre process. Tragically, not all returned from the war and some made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation including the McIntyre's son John Jr.

In support of a group of dedicated employees who were determined to keep the McIntyre name and tradition of quality alive, John W. McIntyre's widow transferred the stock of the company to these employees when John passed away. This group was led by the head of engineering Colonel H.E. Finch who continued both John W. McIntyre's dedication to quality as well as his relentless pursuit of innovation. During Colonel Finch's tenure McIntyre continued to provide advanced equipment to the U.S. armed forces.

When Colonel H.E. Finch passed away, and with other members of the original group retired or retiring, they transferred ownership to their accountant and Navy veteran Dennis T. Wong. As the third owner of the business, Mr. Wong continued the process of continuous innovation during his over 30-year tenure including the development of the air handler manufacturing division.

The fourth owner of the business, John-Paul Farsight was so impressed with the McIntyre's quality and workmanship that when Mr. Wong decided to retire Mr. Farsight offered to bring McIntyre into his Optimization Corp. family of businesses. Mr. Farsight brings his experience as a General Engineering Contractor as well as his years of experience in mechanical construction and MBA training to his leadership of the business.

John W. McIntyre
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