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Custom HVAC and Air Handling Units

McIntyre Industries excels in providing custom HVAC and Air Handling Units including modular "knockdown" units that can be transported through corridors and rapidly assembled onsite. In addition, McIntyre offers superior strength units that are up to 40% lighter than standard units when seismic costs are a primary design constraint. Our flexibility, responsiveness and attention to detail has enabled us to exceed our clients' expectations and to deliver unique solutions for even the most challenging projects


The Factory Direct Advantage:

Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Pricing.

We stamp our own fins, bend our own sheet metal, and assemble our own HVAC Units and Air Handling Units. If a change needs to be made and made fast you can communicate directly with the team that designs and manufactures your specific unit. 

As our customer, we allow you to choose the components for your own unit. We can draw on 90 years of experience in making selections and recommendations and have strong relationships with preferred suppliers. We also offer our clients a variety of options that match their needs and preferences and allow them to drive the selection if they choose to so that the final component selection matches the client and the project.

While our units cost us more to make than overseas manufacturers and mass producers our factory direct model allows us to provide a higher quality and more feature-rich product for a moderate price. We do not use resellers or distributers so the price you get is the price off of the factory floor. That savings goes to our clients and into the customization and higher quality materials and craftsmanship that we provide.

Custom HVAC Design