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McIntyre Industries is ready to help you design and manufacture your custom coil, air handler, or other HVAC parts. With more than 89 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, we pride ourselves on meeting your specifications in both manufacturing and delivery. Serving the needs of a wide variety of industries (see our client list below), we have gained the knowledge and experience to produce product specific items with specific purposes while meeting a wide range of needs.

Company Profile

During the years of WW II, our production focused on the Navy, and this partnership continued for four more decades. In the 1990s our business expanded into the commercial private sector. Today, our plant is located in San Leandro, California, and continues to provide quality products manufactured to your specifications. We are proud to have provided quality products and installation work for the following nationally known companies:

• Boeing Aerospace™
• Lockheed Space Operations
• Martin Marietta Corp.
• United Airlines, Inc.
• United Space Alliance
• Chevron™ USA
• Proctor & Gamble™
• Eastman Kodak™
• E.I. Dupont™
• Dow Chemical™
• Monsanto™
• Polaroid™ Corp.
• Union Carbide™
• Unocal™
• Anheuser Busch™
• C & H Sugar™
• Kraft™ General Foods
• McCormick-Schilling™
• Santa Rosa Community
• St. Joseph Hospital
• St. Luke's Surgery Center
• Cornell University
• Mills College
• Purdue University
• Stanford University
• University of Missouri
• University of California, San Francisco
• Avondale Shipyards™
• Bath Iron Works Corp.™
• Defense Construction Supply Center
• Electric Boat™ Corporation
• Ingalls Shipbulding Inc.™
• National Steel & Ship Building
• Naval Inventory Control Point
• Newport News Shipbuilding™
• Bayer Corp.™
• Ciba-Geigy™
• Eli Lilly™
• Fluor Daniel™
• Geneva Pharmaceutical™
• Genentech Pharmaceutical™
• Appleton Papers™
• Consolidated Papers™
• Fort Howard Paper™
• Inland Empire Paper Co. ™
• Jefferson Smurfit Co. ™
• Advanced Micro Devices™
• Allegro Micro Systems™
• AT&T Bell Labs™
• Fujitsu™
• IBM™
• Lawrence Livermore National Labs™
• Lucent Technologies™
• Motorola Inc. ™
• National Semiconductor™
• Samsung Electronics™
• Sun Microsystems™